The Birth of Schoenhut pianos

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Imagine your child wearing a mini-suit, tinkling away to his heart's content on a miniature Baby Grand piano.  And if this is too grand a dream for you; then how about simply giving your own child a chance to develop his musical abilities? Who says piano music is only for adults? Then again, as an adult, you might want to fulfill a childhood dream of playing the piano but want to start learning the skill on a toy that is not so impressive in size but has all the makings of a real piano.

This was the concept of Albert Schoenhut, designing toy pianos for children. As toys, the piano occupies a child's time with the added benefit of teaching them to develop a love for the art of music. Schoenhut pianos are miniature pianos of different sizes, including piano stools. The keyboards are full sized piano keys producing perfect pitch and exceptional sound. And I have it on good authority, Schoenhut pianos need not be tuned, unlike adult pianos and highly regarded for child safety. Combining learning, fun and safety for a child's toy is truly a breakthrough and a classic.

Schoenhut pianos are not merely toys. These are musical instruments of high caliber, producing sounds good enough to be used by professional musicians in concerts. In 1948 using a Schoenhut piano, John Cage popularized the use of toy piano in professional concerts with his "Suite for Toy Piano". Other professional musicians have followed suit, using Schoenhut pianos not only in their practice sessions but in their performances, as well. This may come as a surprise but not only classical musicians make use of the Schoenhut pianos, rock and pop bands have also used Schoenhut pianos in their music.

From its inception, Schoenhut pianos became the leading manufacturer of toy pianos with the passing of the years. Its high standard of quality has been proven time and again, some becoming heirlooms and lasting for decades, passed down from generation to generation. Though Schoenhut pianos don't come cheap, the quality of these toy pianos more than make up for it. From its attention to the quality of materials used to pre-testing, you are ensured of a top of the line toy piano. The awards given to these toy pianos are true testaments, not only of the parents but of the music industry's belief in the quality of Schoenhut pianos.


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The Birth of Schoenhut pianos

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This article was published on 2010/11/06