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In the late 1800s, the famous Shoenhut family, from Germany, pioneered toy piano designs. Albert Schoenhut was deeply involved in toy piano design; he brought his toy piano creations over to America in the late nineteenth century. Toy pianos in the United States sold like crazy and he started to ship them all over the world. The Schoenhut toy pianos have continued to a world-wide phenomenon in toy stores even though Albert Schoenhut passed in 1912.

A Schoenhut toy piano is noted for its durability and quality craftsmanship. Moreover, they are known to stay in tune almost forever. There are no other pianos that are capable to mimic larger ones in several aspects such as quality, design and feel. This mix of features makes the Schoenhut toys piano both beautiful and functional- you can use it as art or give it to your child to learn music.

Large varieties of Schoenhut toys piano are available in the market. Each kind of piano is made in its own style and image, but when you get a Schoenhut, youre getting the ultimate in quality, durability and playability that every piano under this brand name is noted for. Every piano is tuned chromatically; they make music using a combination of hammers and German steel rods. Each one of them also comes with a patented learning system that will teach your child how to properly place his or her fingers on the keyboard, and how to stretch the fingers to get the best results for playing.

Pianos from Schoenhut toys come in the following categories: grand, spinet and first pianos. Every category, furthermore, has separate designs for pianos in it.

Included within the Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano group are the classic baby grand pianos, concert baby grands, elite baby grands, fancy baby grands, as well as the mini baby grands. Both the concert grand and the elite grand toy pianos each have 37 total keys whereas the classic grand piano and fancy grand piano have only 30 keys. All mini baby grand pianos have full-sized keys which are evenly spaced and have 18 keys. Every piano plays about 2 to 3 octaves.

The Schoenhut Spinet Piano group is inclusive of the traditionally styled spinet pianos, traditionally styled deluxe pianos, as well as the elite traditionally styled spinet pianos. The largest piano available is the tradition deluxe spinet has has 37 total keys and a larger base frame. The traditional spinet as well as the elite spinet both have twenty five keys each. Also all of the spinet keys come in full sizes and are uniformly placed. Each spinet piano includes a matching bench and the spinet has either a two or three octave range.

The My first piano one and my first piano two are also available. The earliest First model features 18 keys, with 25 keys for the second version. The keys are evenly spaced and full-sized. In addition, each piano is tuned in chromatic fashion.

A Shoenhut toys piano ensures the sturdiest and most attractive construction available. Not only will such a piano both inspire and educate any child at any age about the joys and nuances of music, odds are it will become a great centerpiece for your home as well.
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Shoenhut Piano Toys

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