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Beginning in the early 1800's, Schoenhut, the name of a German family was starting to be known for their groundbreaking, high quality piano toys. Albert Schoenhut was an expert on engineering toy pianos and introduced them to America. After being introduced in the USA, the Schoenhut invention grew into the largest & most fruitful toy corporation in the nation. Even though Albert Schoenhut is no longer with us, the legacy that he built are still in stores across the nation, where toy pianos with his name is still available.

The Schoenhut toy piano is heavy-duty & will not go out of tune. Another unique characteristic is the way the toy imitates the grand piano in style, esthetics & playability. A youngster that plays music on a Schoenhut piano is to have interest in music. This piano toy can also be used as an beautiful unit of furniture in the home for the parents. The Schoenhut toy piano comes in different unique colors, sizes, designs & styles.

The quality, sustainability, and the melodies that sprout from the hammer of the German iron rods separate the Schoenhut Toy Piano from the rest. Every chromatic-tuned piano comes with an superior learning system and finger charts do everything from navigating the keyboard & teaching correct finger position that make playing the piano uncomplicated & enjoyable for all young people.

The Schoenhut toy piano comes in many models. Including the Baby Grand Pianos, Elite Baby Grands, Fancy Baby Grands, Concert Baby Grands & Mini Baby Grands. The Elite version has 37 keys and the grand has only 30 keys. Mini baby pianos are similar to the larger, more traditional pianos in its 18 piano keys and each key is a full-sized. This category of pianos offers a range of 2 to 3 octaves. Plus all of them except the Baby Grand Mini tabletop comes with a matching bench.

Alternatively, a Schoenhut toy piano spinet can be chosen in 3 different models. Including traditional, elite, and luxury. Traditional and elite spinet each have 25 keys, while the larger deluxe spinet, has 37. Each key is a normal size & at a suitable distance. Plus each piano is chromatically tuned within two or three octaves. Every piano comes with a bench in the same color & design.

The toy piano industry, has many brands, however is the Schoenhut toy piano is considered one of the most elegant & distinctive models. By playing these toy pianos, knowledge of music grows within children of all ages.
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Schoenhut Piano Toys

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This article was published on 2011/02/11